Scalp Pigmentation

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Scalp Pigmentation

The procedure requires a consultation session. Please scroll for more information below. Pigment is injected into the scalp to simulate tiny hair follicles and/or strands of hair. Procedure duration and cost is dependent upon the extent of services needed and will be discussed and determined during consultation service and/or immediately prior to procedure.

Scalp Pigmentation will generally require at least 2 sessions and possibly 3-4 or more sessions.

Duration: To Be Determined


All procedures require consultation services. The formal consultation is a one-time thing. However, if you choose to have additional procedures over time, your Permanent MakeUp (PMU) artist will once again review your medical history and will want to know if there are any changes in your health status. Consultation services are nonrefundable and are paid in-full when scheduled. The selected procedure must be initiated and completed within 6 weeks of the associated consultation. The consultation fee is NOT applied to the deposit or service fees

All services are to be scheduled with a $100 appointment deposit. The $100 appointment deposit will be applied to the cost of the selected procedure at the time of procedure; please refer to the complete cancellation policy for further details about the deposit.

Consultation duration: 45-60 minutes

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All procedures are subject to current New Jersey sales tax.

*All procedures may require more than 1-2 visits/applications and will be discussed during the consultation and selected procedure. Pricing for more than 2 visits will be discussed and determined as needed.


Services must be canceled within 48 hours. Failure to cancel within 48 hours of the appointment will be called a “no show” and will be subject to a $100 fee (ie, the $100 deposit will serve as the “no show” fee). Please refer to the Cancellation/Deposit Policy Form for details; your signature is required at the bottom of the form. For a full list of our policies please click the button below.