Why do I need a consultation?

The consultation is a vital step in the permanent makeup process. You will be asked to fill out many forms. These forms include a pre-procedure form, a medical history form, and consent forms to name a few. Your Permanent MakeUp (PMU) artist will review the content of these forms with you during the consultation to make sure that we have all information necessary to safely perform the procedure. In some instances, you may need a medical clearance prior to the application of pigments. The need for medical clearance will be determined after the PMU artist has reviewed and discussed your medical history with you. This is also the time to discuss the procedure in more detail so that you understand the process and what is expected. There will be time for questions and answers as well. This is the time to begin to get to know your PMU artist and tour the studio.

What can I expect during the consultation?

  • Medical history review
  • Assessment of eyebrows and procedure options
  • Identifying the best tattoo technique for you
  • Pricing (based on selected procedure[s])
  • Color options
  • Safety considerations
  • Procedure process
  • Tour of the procedure room and how to prep for your visit

Consultation Services

All procedures require consultation services. The formal consultation is a one-time thing. However, if you choose to have additional procedures over time, your Permanent MakeUp (PMU) artist will once again review your medical history and will want to know if there are any changes in your health status. Consultation services are nonrefundable and are paid in-full when scheduled. The selected procedure must be initiated and completed within 6 weeks of the associated consultation. The consultation fee is NOT applied to the deposit or service fees

All services are to be scheduled with a $100 appointment deposit. The $100 appointment deposit will be applied to the cost of the selected procedure at the time of procedure; please refer to the complete cancellation policy for further details about the deposit.

Consultation duration: 45-60 minutes

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